Lemon & Passion Fruit Drizzle Cake

Lemon drizzle is not only easy but so full of flavour. I’ve played around with the classic by adding passion fruit juice to the drizzle for a fruiter feel.



If you want thicker icing, reduce the lemon juice for the icing by half.


I like an electric whisk for baking to properly beat the air in. You can do without just make sure you give it some welly!




250g butter, softened

250g caster sugar

Zest of 2 large lemons

3 large eggs

100g Greek yoghurt

250g self-raising flour

1/4 tsp salt

1-2 tbsp milk



Juice of 2 large lemons

4 passion fruit, halved

85g caster sugar


150g icing sugar

Juice of half a lemon

1-2 passion fruits for the topping





Preheat your oven to 180c standard and 160c fan. Line and butter a 900g loaf tin.

In a medium mixing bowl, beat the butter, sugar and lemon zest together until thick, pale and fluffy.

Beat in the eggs one at a time, taking time to beat thoroughly in-between.

Fold in the Greek yoghurt.

Sift over the flour and salt and fold until no more lumps of flour remain. Fold in milk to loosen the batter.

Transfer the batter to your loaf tin and bake for 1hr.


Grab a sieve and put it on top of a medium saucepan. Scoop out the centres of the passionfruit and push through the sieve. Until the juice has been squeezed out of the passionfruit seeds.

Stir in the lemon juice and sugar and bring to a boil over a medium heat.

Boil for 1 minute and then set aside.


When the cake is ready after 1hr, or when a skewer inserted into the cake comes out clean. Poke the cake repeatedly with a skewer.

Pour over the syrup and leave for 10 minutes to absorb.

Transfer the cake to a wire rack and leave to cool completely.


Stir the lemon juice into the icing sugar in a small bowl until smooth and combined.


When the cake has fully cooled, pour over the lemon icing. Top the cake with the scooped-out centre of the remaining passion fruits.

Serve in thick slices and enjoy.

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  1. Hi there- this recipe looks fab but I’m not sure what size a 9 pound loaf pan is?!!Is this a typo- a standard size loaf tin, I believe, is 21cm x 7cm?? Or maybe 8cm? Which is a 2 lb tin?? Many thanks, Katie.

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